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Leslie Jones’ Olympic Tweets are Gold Medal Worthy

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A previous version of this post can be found on LinkedIn Pulse.

Comedienne Leslie Jones had the best weekend ever! On Twitter Leslie Jones has been really the absolute best fangirl for every sport in the Olympics. Over the last 72+ hours, since the Olympics started Jones has been giving us a play by play of it ALL. Started her coverage with a gif of her dancing in these United States flag leggings, this American flag tank top, with a USA Olympic hat and while the draped in the flag is Cape, dancing in her apartment in New York. Talk about school spirit.

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August 12, 2016

Everything is Going to Be Alright

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I wrote a post that seemed to offend every Black woman with internet access. I apparently pissed off most people in the internet’s Jr. high lunchroom that is Facebook. I love that y’all are fired up about beauty. It is something I have been talking about in some form or another for years.

I write, speak, and even authored a book because I love the industry. From the history of Madame CJ Walker to Miko Branch. My point wasn’t about light vs. dark, natural vs. relaxed, weave vs. no weave. Like I am team no team because I have been both. I’ve cut all my hair off. I’ve had relaxed hair down my back. I’ve had more blowouts, press and curls, roller sets, and product just like I am sure other Black women can maybe understand. Again, I don’t speak for you. I speak for me. It may make you laugh or cry, and it is okay to feel.

It was simply a sisterhood “hey girl. I love you, but I want you to do better.” I said something I’ve said before. I said something I would defend again and again, because like many of you. I want us all to win.

Yes, I understand that there are Brown/Black children dying in our streets. It’s an election year. The glaciers are melting. The hole in the Ozone is bigger and bigger every year. Fur is murder. And I watch too much Fixer Upper on HGTV. There’s DOJ report out today about injustice in Baltimore. I can’t often talk about those things based on the clients I have or the projects I work on. Let’s not be so singular that we can’t talk about many things at once, or be enraged about that. I can still post pictures of my mani/pedi on Instagram. I can still snapchat my new favorite lipstick. I can talk about someone’s hair. During the DNC Convention, I tweeted about a woman who had lipstick on her teeth. It was her big moment, and I was sad that no one told her that before she walked out in front of the world on live TV.


I know that may be new to you, it isn’t; however, new to me or new for me. I am sorry you just found out about it this week.

Last time I checked, you are still allowed to have your opinion. Did I mean to disrespect someone who took what I said so personally? No. That was never my intention. But we’ve got to be more flexible than this. What I do want is for us to be allowed dynamic conversations that allow us to see every side of the story at the table. My Black experience and upbringing may be different than yours. It may look just like yours.

My child is off fucking limits. I decided to be a writer, blogger, and public social media figure. I don’t post much about my kids because I want them not to have to deal with y’all. I can take whatever you’d like to say. I’ve heard it all.

Group think/Mob mentality says that there is no room to improve because we all agree that this right here is already good enough. Why to say hey, it would work better if we do X.

It is how we progress and innovate. It is how we continue to move forward together.

I don’t hate Black women. I am one. Even if you don’t think I look like one. Even if you believe I am more concerned about beauty over brawn, and accomplishments.

Can we hug and move on or just agree to disagree? Or just go throw out all of your beauty products. You’re going completely face nude.


August 10, 2016

Why Gabby Douglas’ Hair Should Matter to You

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Gabby Douglas is a decorated Olympian, Gold Medal all around gymnast, an inspiring young woman, but her hair irks me. I think it should irritate you a little too. Many of my posts are about beauty or some quirky thing I am thinking. Of course, during the Olympic gymnastics preliminary rounds I posted about Gabby’s horrible edges. It was satire. It was meant to be funny, but after a few days, I still feel some type of way about it.

Seems like everyone thinks I hate Gabby!

Some people are going to agree and many won’t agree, but hear me out here. Read more…

August 9, 2016

What if he hadn’t known Christ?

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The man I married was an all day on Sunday Christian. A church musician, but I wonder would my outcome been different if he hadn’t known Christ?

This is a question I’d have to ask myself while down on my knees praying to God. It was rhetorical, but I kinda needed an answer. I’d prayed that God would get me through the tough parts of marriage. The part that no one tells you about, the part that isn’t pretty lace and bows. The something old, is the childish games that get played by you and your spouse, where no one wins. The something new, is you, in the mirror trying to figure out who you’ve become. While wondering will your favorite eyeshadow cover that bruised eye. The something borrowed sometimes is your faith; that we are going to make it. It isn’t about the baby’s first steps. It is the waiting for your husband to come home knowing he’s been gone too long and up to no good. Its the puffy eyes and tear stained t-shirts because you ran out of tissues.
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April 23, 2016

You can’t move mountains with whack faith

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“He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I
tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to
this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing
will be impossible for you.””
Matthew 17:20 NIV


image credit Terez Baskin

The disciples asked Jesus why they couldn’t cast out the demons from a
boy possessed. His reply was simply your faith is whack. If you
simply believed with the mustard seed size faith you go easily move
mountains, but because you think you can’t do it you just won’t. Your
unbelief will be your reality.

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April 17, 2016

Christ is one size fits all, Church is not.

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I will admit, I had a very unrequited love relationship with Jesus for most of my childhood. He loved me, I wasn’t quite sure if my feelings were the same. I didn’t know him that well.


Let me put this into context. Growing up I’d moved from attending the Kingdom Hall as a Jehovah’s Witness to attending Catholic high school while going to a Missionary Baptist Church. My Dad had grown up Catholic and my step-mother and sisters are Lutheran. I think I’d covered all my religious bases. God was always around, but I hadn’t had a relationship until a few years ago. I realized that God was universal, but Church wasn’t. There are rituals and hymns that are pretty adjacent. Many of these traditions I didn’t understand, but at the heart of it all God is love.

As Black Christians, we seem to be stuck in how, why, when, where, and what we wear while we praise God that we forget that none of that barely matters to God. He wants our praise and our works.

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March 22, 2016