I am a modern working not quite plus Size Fashion lover

Dbabetta is the charming place for fashion, beauty, & lifestyle inspiration for modern mature working not quite plus size fashionable woman. I started this blog in late 2009. As I change so does the need for me to evolve what I talk about. I felt so boxed in by this blog, until I realized that this is my online life. I should talk about what makes me happy. I should be able to talk about my thoughts feelings and successes in a place that was meant for connection and collaboration.


I like to inspire others

There may be times I promote a product or service I love. You can love it or disagree {we don’t hate here} but we will all learn something. My 2014 motto was I want to live a life that inspires other women to aspire to do great things. I count myself blessed to have had some amazing experiences since this journey began on social media in 2005. I am an author now, an educator, and a person who loves to make other’s laugh and enjoy life.

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I may talk about cool stuff, but I am no mommy blogger

Let’s take the next steps together. I want you to be apart of the story and be engaged in the fun. I am a modern working mom of two amazing young people who I affectionately call BabyBoy and Babygirl. I chose to let my life play out online and I don’t ever want that to affect their childhood. This is not a mommy blog. I am not a mommy blogger. I am a marketing professional by trade and so often my content will have a promotional slant, but remember if I am talk about it, it is because I actually love, like, or have used the product. Sometimes this may be my online soapbox. You will love it or disagree, but we will both do so with honesty and respect. With that being said let’s do this.

You can reach me anytime by email terez {at} dbabetta {dot} com