You wanna be Justin Beiber’s Girlfriend this holiday season? Me neither.

Short Holiday Season Shop Fast

The holiday rush is in full swing. Black Friday. Black Wednesday. Turkey Thursday. Thanksgivukkah. Well as many are rushing out to stores to get Christmas gifts I have some birthdays to get through this month. Mine (sup, girl), my daughter’s, my childhood best friend, a young cousin, my play sister, and last but not least my ex-sister-in-law is finally a teenager. Yay!

What to get a teen for Christmas?

Short story long, my ex-husband’s sister is turning the whopping 13 on December 4, 2013, and I had no clue what she would want. Well she asked me to take photos of her and her tween friends at her birthday party, and that is how I will be spending my Saturday. But I thought beyond providing tween photo love (like they need anymore have you seen a 13 year olds Instagram? It is bananas). She also needed a gift.
She is not necessarily old enough for makeup. Clothes could go either way, but fragrance is something a newly minted teen would love to have, and you get to tell people you smell good because you are Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend. Take that Selena Gomez. I get to smell like you did earlier this year. Maybe it is Selena sweat squeezed into a bottle. Anywhoo, the fragrance comes in a cute gift set. I searched a million Walmarts to find it (like 4), waiting on hold for about 28 minutes at another, and after digging and picking through the wreckage of Black Friday I was victorious. I found it! Honestly, my mom found it, and like Dora says, “We did it!” Well thanks be to God. I can finally spread a little birthday pre-Christmas cheer to a girl I’ve watched grow up. She is a sweet girl, and does good in school. I think if she wants to be Justin Beiber’s girlfriend for her birthday then, why should I be the one to stop her.
The gift set of Justin Beiber’s Girlfriend and several other Elizabeth Arden frangrance giftsets come with a free celebrity ringtone. ┬áIt was priced affordably at $19.88 which was less than the fragrance alone. Justin-Bieber's-Girlfriend-giftset-Christmas-ScentSavings-#Shop
Now people will think it is Justin calling because you smell like his girlfriend. Teenage life is hard you might as well smell good.

This is a great giftset idea for any teen or tween girl on your Christmas or Thanksgivukkah list. Do you have someone on your list that is difficult to buy for? Tell me who in the comments let me help you decide. Check out the rest of the Elizabeth Arden Collection at Walmart. I am super excited to give this Scent Savings gift to her.