Kendall E KnyschWhat is fashion? I have been asked this question by many people, some of whom will never understand fashion in its fullest capacity. To me fashion is art. It’s expression. But most importantly, fashion is a way of life and, for me, my destiny. When I was younger I became engrossed by what I saw in Vogue and W Magazine. I remember there would be days that I sat on my bed and drew sketches of designs. I wanted to create what I saw on those pages and manifest them into reality. A short while later I came to realize that my drawing skills were less than acceptable so I gave up on that dream. But fashion remained a major part of my life. In high school, I am proud to say, I won the ‘Best Dressed’ award and let me tell you, I had tough competition. I have dealt with clothing, shoes and accessories for most of my young adulthood, working as a store manager at a boutique close to my home in Elmhurst, IL. Today I work as a sales associate at BCBG. I make a conscious effort to surround myself with the creativity and uniqueness that fashion elicits. I will forever be a fashionista and will forever admire the innovation that this field brings to our world.

Kendall – Designer Liaison and Editor – Chicago based designer advocate and interests