terez baskinI would like to thank you for stopping by my site. DBabatta.com has been a dream of mine. Well not the website, but the work. I love fashion. I have always had a place in me that felt like getting dressed up made me feel good. I believe that confidence is centered strongly on the fact that when you look good you feel good. I want to help women find their place in the sun. I love Public Relations, Fashion and Lifestyle tips. I have provided them to my friends for years. I want to make sure that every woman has access to my knowledge. I built a team of wonderful women and men who like I believe that Fashion is a way of life. It is a serious business. They are all different which is what I love. The world is full women in all different shapes, sizes, and hues. Not every woman will be a size two. What about me, the girls who are petite and have a mean walk? I started on Twitter in early April of 2008. I have had a Facebook since early 2006, when there were just college kids from the east coast using it. I believe in the power of these mediums and how the web is the newest frontier. In 2005, I became Miss Black Illinois USA. I competed in the National Miss Black USA competition, in Washington, D.C. The year I spent with this title gave me the honor and the privilege of canvassing my home state dress as a princess. Candy Colored Suits, stilettos, my smile and signature wave. That was my signature style. I realized that Fashion had its hold on me. With cameras watching, pictures being taken everywhere. I always had to look my best. A trait I picked up in high school. When I was 17, I worked at the Limited. It was the start of lifelong love affair with Fashion. I would just play with styling the clothes. This was real life dress up to me. I styled women who needed help dressing for events, work wear, their weekend parties, and everything in between. I quickly became a top seller for the store because it wasn’t about the numbers for me. It was about the fun of it. Helping women find what really looked good on them. What worked and being honest about what did not work. At a time, when teenage girls were still finding out who they were; I was confident in my skills, yet I didn’t know it was a something that would carry me far. This time was such fun for me. In 2002, I left the limited brand after transitioning to their Men’s store (Structure, now Express for Men) and then on to Victoria’s Secret. Sales skills have always been my secret weapon, but I don’t like to sell. I like to help people fill a void. I am not going to give you something you don’t need. I have styled friends and family for as long as I can remember. Assisted in the picking of dresses, shoes, shopped for new jobs, career changes. Changing and transforming plain Jane’s into real polished people. I am the clothing advice bureau. If I don’t hear “does this outfit work with this?”, at least once a week, I am wondering did I do something wrong? So in early 2010 I finally started a blog. I wanted to share my thoughts on fashion to friends. It was a way for me as a busy mom, student and friend to keep my girlfriends informed on what I liked. Now I am less than two years later transitioning this passion into this amazing place on the web. Thank you for reading my dreams… I am an active member in many blogger communities find me around the net here:
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