#11BeautifulTools that will help you Win the Social Media Game

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11 Beautiful Tools

11 Beautiful Tools

I am super excited to tell you about my newest project. 11 Beautiful Tools is a comprehensive social media guide for beauty professionals. Each chapter gives you a great start to getting started right now. There are tips on how to use the tools in just minutes a day, but more importantly clarity of why each tool is a good investment for your freelance beauty business.

It is all about marketing your talent using these tools to maximize your exposure. Maximizing your personal brand will get the income you want.

#11BeautifulTools will be available soon!

What excites me the most, is teaching others how simple it is to use these tools. I continue to build my brand using social media to keep my work, my business, and my service top of mind for the people who need to know it the most. People like you in the Beauty Industry.

Here is a sneak peek at the kind of great content you will get in #11BeautifulTools: The Social Media Success Guide for Beauty Professionals.


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June 1, 2013

The ColorComm Community Launch in Chicago!

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Amy DuBois Barnett

Chicago is the third installation of ColorComm. A resource organization for women of color in Communication field. The launch event earlier this month was flawless.

Held at 312 Chicago the ladies commandeered the top floor with great conversation, networking, and inspiration. The speaker was the amazing editor for Ebony Magazine, Amy DuBois Barnett.
Amy DuBois Barnett

She doled out great advice that can be used by both veterans in the communication industry and neophytes in the space.
1. Your Network is important nurture it.
2. Be nice to EVERYone. You never know where someone will end up.
3. Have a great mentor.

It isn’t enough to have opportunity. You have to earn them, and being prepared it essential to your success. Her words of wisdom resonated with this crowd of go-getters who are ready to take Chicago to the next level.

The organization was created in the summer of 2011 by Lauren Wesley Wilson. It quickly grew from lunches where women could connect to a formal group in DC, New York and now Chicago.

I am so proud to be apart of this organization and share my talent and network with women who love Public Relations and Communications just like I do. I can’t wait to see what we bring to the city next.

Photo Credit: All photos are my own

May 22, 2013

The ULTAmate Face

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Devyn's Kiss2

Devyn's Kiss2
Devyn Abdullah The Winner of The Face is such a cute role model. The twenty something mother – model – glamazon was so awesome to catch up with at the Grand Opening Event of the new West Loop Ulta Cosmetics.

We dished about how being a mother helped her in the competition and what she wanted to get out of this year. Keep reading to get the deets of our quick conversation. Read more…

May 21, 2013